Aslan Residential was founded in early 2009 to take advantage of market inefficiencies that exist in distressed residential housing.  The Company acquires foreclosed and short sale properties owned by individuals, lenders, and other financial institutions.  On average, thousands of distressed residential assets are sold each month in Southern California.  This phenomenon has existed for decades, but has received extraordinary attention in recent years due to the dislocation experienced in the housing markets between 2007-2012.

Since its founding, Aslan Residential has developed an acquisition system that filters the daily foreclosure schedule and available “short sale” properties to target properties that provide the best risk adjusted return.  The targeted homes are acquired at the daily foreclosure auctions or through the MLS process, renovated, and sold in approximately 130 days.  The Company’s business model has been continually refined with “TIME TO CLOSE” as the highest priority.  Aslan Residential understands that shorter time frames result in lower market risk and maximized investor returns.

  • Aslan Residential Principals have purchased and sold nearly 2000 residential assets valued in excess of $500,000,000.
  • Aslan Residential has built a proprietary acquisition, asset management, and disposition software program that helps create consistent and efficient execution in the marketplace.
  • Aslan Residential was founded as an institutional investment firm.  As a result, the company provides investors with transparent and comprehensive reporting on assets and fund performance.

Aslan Residential has created a highly successful platform for residential reposition and continues to raise leveraged equity funds with the goal of investing nearly $500M per year in distressed residential properties.