Aslan Realty Group’s history of success is a result of a disciplined investment approach, substantial industry experience, and our team’s broad capabilities in the core areas of the investment and management process. The key competencies in the Aslan Realty Group business model are described below:


Aslan Realty Group has extensive experience in analyzing, underwriting, capital structuring, and acquiring multi-family assets that would benefit from physical reposition or enhanced management.

Aslan Realty Group has longstanding relationships with numerous brokerage firms and individual sellers, and the firm maintains an updated “target list” for multi-family communities that fall within the Aslan Realty Group reposition business model.

Redevelopment and Construction

The development and construction required for repositioning or transforming a community is directly managed by Aslan Realty Group.
The reposition process is best identified by the following disciplines:

  • Field Investigation and Pre-Design– This begins by understanding the property and its competitive position in the market. Aslan Realty Group then develops a renovation scope designed to reposition the asset relative to competing properties with the goal of maximizing future rental income, operating performance, and asset valuation.
  • Design and Construction Documents– Aslan Realty Group integrates consultants, architects, landscape planners and general contractors to develop a final design, appearance and community feel for the project. Lastly, Aslan Realty Group negotiates the necessary contracts to ensure on-budget performance.
  • Development and Construction– During this process, Aslan Realty Group communicates regularly with the general contractor, inspectors and other government agencies to ensure the project conforms with regulations while achieving the renovation timing and budgetary objectives previously determined.
  • Repositioning– Aslan Realty Group focuses on resident retention while rebranding the property. Typically, upon completion of the leasing office, models, landscaping and rebranding, a more professional on-site property management team is employed and a “Grand Opening” is held to celebrate the community’s new appearance and community feel.

Asset Management

The highly experienced Asset Management Team provides strong oversight of local third-party property management and leasing companies to monitor each community’s performance.

Additionally, the team is structured to respond quickly and effectively to changing market dynamics by regularly reviewing business plans for renovation and leasing programs.

Through local market knowledge and operational expertise, the Asset Management Team prioritizes maximizing asset performance and investor returns.

Asset Disposition

With involvement in over $2.5 Billion of real estate transactions, the Principals of Aslan Realty Group are highly experienced in preparing and presenting investments that maximize sale value.

When it is determined a property will be sold, a detailed Offering Package is created. Assets are then marketed through a national brokerage firm to increase exposure and buyer interest.

A competitive bidding process is employed at the end of the marketing period to maximize market pricing and investor returns.

For more information about marketing an asset to Aslan Realty Group, please contact:

Tom Rakow