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ABOUT THE GAME History teacher Michael Wayne lived a quiet life. Unexpectedly, he receives news from his friend Sam. With this news, Michael finds himself at the center of the adventure. Fight the international mafia in search of the lost treasure. On his adventure, Michael must travel from rainforests to hot deserts, from caves to [...]

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DESCRIPTION OF THE GAME A young man drops out of college and his friends to fulfill his late father's dream of renovating and opening the bar to which he dedicated his life and thus become an entrepreneur. When he returns to the city where he became what he is now, he will live with three [...]

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Executive Management CM


ABOUT ASLAN Aslan Capital Management is an investment management firm headquartered in Irvine, California. Since inception, Aslan has managed numerous investment funds, institutional separate accounts, and high net worth investment vehicles for both debt and equity investments in real estate related ventures. The first company, Aslan Realty Group, was launched in 2001 [...]

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